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On The Bench

Hello and welcome to "On The Bench", a podcast designed for the scale model builder. 

Jun 23, 2022

Episode 141 was recorded live at the 2022 Melbourne Model Expo and is chock full of wonderful interviews with modellers and sellers.

Here is the full list of people interviewed across the four days (in no particular order)

Michael Claringbould

Christiaan O’Dea

Chris Howells

Jarrod Bradley

Scott Taylor

Tom and Imogen...

Jun 11, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it takes to organise and run a model show?   Well this episode the boys are joined by Laurence Farrugia Director of Melbourne Model Expo who gives us the lowdown on the behind-the-scenes work and planning that goes into running a large show.

We also have listener mail and the Falcon reporting...

May 28, 2022

This week the boys are joined by Will Pattison to talk about 3D printing.  Thinking about buying your own 3D printer?   Well you NEED to check this episode out. Will takes us through all the ins and outs of starting out printing 3D parts and  kits.


May 14, 2022

The boys are joined by Lincoln Wright to talk about his new book “THE MA.K LINCOLN REPORT”.


To get a copy of the fantastic book go to to order your copy!

Apr 30, 2022

In this episode the boys talk to Neil Stokes about the strange cult called "AMPS", turns out that they are just everyday modellers like you and me!

The Falcon writes in with news of new models coming out and we dive into the mailbag.